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A creed for the third millennium

Autor: McCullough, Colleen

"A Creed for the Third Millennium" is a novel by Australian writer Colleen McCullough, published in 1985. McCullough is the same author of the bestseller and movie blockbuster "The Thorn Birds." This novel traces the progress of a good and decent man, from being an unknown to that of worldwide fame. The setting is in contemporary USA. The story revolves around Dr Joshua Christian. He is a clinical psychologist whose day to day work life presents him with people who are needy for spiritual upkeep

due to too many changes and influence in environment, politics, and ideologies. His extra-ordinary personal magnetism and genuine compassion makes him closer to his patients in a small Connecticut community. He even yearns to reach out and extend his humanitarian support to a wider scale. A brilliant senior official from the new Environment epartment, Dr Judith Carriol, recognises in Joshua the personification of her own desire to influence and also make a difference to the country. As Joshua present an irresistible prospect to her, Judith, she agresse to support him. Together, they embark on a crusade designed to generate anew the nation`s morale. They radically change the people`s outlook. Judith engineers and manages, while Joshua leads and executes their plans. Despite Judith all-out support to Joshua in terms of resources, it`s him to fronts situations and faces people, for instance, traveling across a country affected by seasonal changes. It is Joshua alone who re-engineers and transforms his travels into an epic pilgrimage. It`s him alone who re-invigorates and who inspires American people in despair and in the verge of hepelessness. His grateful followers tend to think of him as the modern-day version of Jesus. A novel full of human intensity and emotion.

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Odpowiedzialność:Colleen McCullough.
Hasła:Powieść australijska - 20 w.
Adres wydawniczy:Londyn : FUTURA , 1986.
Opis fizyczny:443 s. ; 17 cm.
Uwagi:Tekst w jęz. ang.
Powiązane zestawienia:Powieść i opowiadanie sensacyjne
Thriller psychologiczny
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Wyp. nr 55
ul. Gawędziarzy 8

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